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Full of flavours and ideas!

Delicious bespoke food is at the centre of all we do.

We love food and we are passionate about quality. That’s why every item Ampersand Events serves, right down to every side dish and even the bread, is made from scratch by our chefs. This intense attention to detail ensures that the tastes we present to you are always perfect and designed to complement one another. "The Kitchen” is the heart of our organisation and our second home, and having this central space gives us time and breathing room to experiment, develop recipes and come up with brand new culinary creations. Sometimes this is in response to a client’s brief and sometimes it’s the result of our chefs’ love for a challenge and their drive to develop their knowledge and repertoire. Sometimes, it’s just a manifestation of their obsession with food!

Our menus are designed to tantalise the tastebuds and kindle the imagination but they are just the foundations upon which we build a dizzying array of dishes, canapé collections, and seamless multiple-course meals.

From theory to practice…

We love themes

When we teamed up with Disney for the third time it was at London Fashion Week, where we were tasked with creating a selection of sweet canapés fit for a (very special) mouse, to complement the "Minnie’s Must Haves” collection. Everything had to be exactly on theme and live up to Minnie Mouse's very exacting fashion standards. We presented a combination of brand new Minnie inspired creations and updated versions of the client’s favourite of our classic canapés, such as our raspberry jelly and white chocolate spheres which we served on red trays to create Minnie’s iconic polka dot style.

The canapés seemed to possess just as much star power as the outfits on show; we've never had so many photos taken of our food!

We love a challenge

When Ampersand Events were asked to provide catering fit to be consumed alongside some of the oldest and most precious gems on the planet we couldn't wait to fulfil then exceed their expectations.

Our client wanted a theme to match the pink and decadent jewellery. The stakes were high indeed but usually we would take such a request in our stride. However, Kensington Palace has some strict restrictions on food: it must be clean, non-staining, and neither "loose” nor messy. This meant that our favourite pink dye – raw beetroot juice – was out! This became a fantastic opportunity to find new ways of creating beautiful colour-rich canapés, and we know that being able to make them mess-free will come in handy for many events to come!

The resulting canapés, presented on beautiful vintage mirrors and served alongside pink champagne, included filo pastry ‘diamond bags’ filled with pink boursin mushrooms, duck rillette in pink diamond jelly with diamond caviar, and beautiful dessert canapés of rhubarb cannelloni topped with pink diamond dust. These precious little delicacies were the ideal accompaniment to an evening spent with some of the rarest and oldest gems on the planet.

We love to experiment

When we catered at an event for BMW, our client wanted memorable dessert canapés with a high fun factor. We decided upon a fruit theme but took a very unusual approach to the subject, utilising our chefs’ impressive technical abilities to create something wholly unique. The pièces de résistance of the canapé selection were our "chocolate oranges” – perfect little spheres which looked just like a real orange but with an indulgent secret; inside the molecular orange gel shell was a rich chocolate orange centre – and our "watermelon slices”; these special treats were made by hollowing out watermelons and turning the fruit into jelly to be poured back into the watermelon shell to set, then cut into slices, creating a canapé which looked and tasted just like watermelon but had a completely unexpected texture.

Both these canapés started out as purely cerebral novel ideas, but our chefs have the passion and motivation to turn their ideas into reality. It took time and effort and a meticulous trial and error process to get it right, but the result was more than worth it. Not only did these both look incredible but they were a real testament to the effort that went into their creation – the watermelon slices were particularly tricky because we wanted the jelly to fuse to the melon rind exactly as the original fruit did, which was far easier imagined than done! This is just one example of how we meet client briefs by conceiving and creating an entirely new culinary invention.

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