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Dive into Desserts!

Over the past months we have enjoyed numerous discussions with food futurologists, food scientists and our clients about the future of food.

We were very happy to discover that there is an overwhelming desire for more frivolity and less formality when it comes to dining.

Make your own Eton Mess!

At Ampersand Events we wholeheartedly agree, and therefore have decided to turn the world of plated desserts upside down, allowing our guests become the pastry chef for the evening. Rather than leaving guests sitting waiting for service, we urge them to stand and create their own perfect sweet for themselves. It may sound like hard work, but when all the delicious treats are laid in front of you and you are free to let your imagination run wild, the real magic of food begins.

A fabulous dessert station.

These stunning installations allow guests to stand up from the dinner table and really interact with other guests. They also offer some great food theatre as our artistic chefs set up the scrumptious treats.

Down the Rabbit Hole with our Alice in Wonderland dessert station!

Over the past few months we have created lots of scrumptious dessert offerings, such as "Willy Wonka’s Lollipop Gardens”, Alice in Wonderland’s Dessert Shower, Make your own Mess and of course our famous Dessert Bedroom. So rather than bombard you with words we thought we would share 4000 words’ worth of gorgeous pictures! Well, you know how we love to be efficient.

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