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Trinity House - Our Venue of the Month

This year marks the 500th anniversary of Trinity House’s incorporation by Royal Charter, so there could be no better time to celebrate our great experiences of working alongside the House and its team. Besides, with its superb location overlooking the River Thames and eye-catching views of the Tower of London, Trinity House is a venue we can’t help but love.

Having ended October on a high with a bespoke and themed canapé reception in the House, the Ampersand team are busy reminiscing on the many amazing events we have seen over the past few years in this historic building. For this recent reception event, the team had the chance to come up with some creative and unique choices to complement the House’s amazing décor, prevalent history and the Commonwealth.

From weddings to corporate meetings and gala dinners, Ampersand has had the privilege of creating all kinds of events and celebrations at Trinity house. The building houses a remarkable collection of maritime artefacts, which bear testament to the prominent role played by Trinity House in the nation’s maritime history.

With its distinctive 18th century paintings, magnificent, densely-woven carpet, and beautiful 16th and 17th century stained glass windows, the character that fills the House makes this venue a superb choice which every type of client can enjoy.

Contact our team today for more information on how this historic gem would best serve your event needs.

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