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Ampersand Service Academies Training for Service Excellence

Ampersand has a reputation for providing the finest food and exemplary customer service that meets the exacting standards of our high profile visitor attractions and prestigious events.
This reputation has been achieved through the employment of suitable staff and training through our award-winning ‘Service Academies’

We know that in a highly competitive market it is now more important that ever before to go the extra mile to attract clients and encourage repeat sales. That’s why we ensure that all of our teams are trained to deliver exemplary customer service in a way that truly reflects the individual culture and message of each of our clients.

The key to our success is ensuring that our employees develop a keen eye for detail and are able to respond to the nuances of customer demographics and personality, serving each individual in a tailored, appropriate manner. To achieve this level of focus our training and development programmes teach employees to appreciate the finer details needed to create an exceptional customer experience. As well as covering the basics of good customer service, staff are shown how to describe dishes more passionately and be more knowledgeable when responding to enquiries on ingredients.

All of our staff are trained to be there for customers and engage with them, delighting them with their knowledge on the types of dishes on the menu and sharing a passion and love of the subject that underpins the ethos and the environment in which they are delivering their catering services.

Ampersand provides a variety of programmes and courses established to motivate our employees and keep them enthused and passionate about working in the catering and hospitality industry. All our employees are given the opportunity to reach their career goals and fulfil their aspirations, which means that our clients are supported by employees that are motivated, skilled and that their passion for excellence is nurtured on an ongoing basis. Some of the in-house courses we offer include:
Our employees develop a keen eye for detail and are able to respond to the nuances of customer demographics and personality, serving each individual in a tailored, appropriate manner.

Craft Training

One of our key resources for the development of our teams is our Michelin Starred Food Director, David Cavalier, and his Executive Chef Team. David and his Executive Chefs spend a significant amount of time on every site with individual chefs, undertaking one-to-one training and mentoring and giving chefs the confidence and skill to achieve the high standards that we set. 

We also hold innovation days where all our chefs are invited to come along with new ideas to improve the services we offer. This training ensures that the chefs at The Kitchen, who are integral to success of our catering service, stay up to date with the latest techniques and trends. Sharing best practice in this way also ensures that our service is carried out using the latest, most cutting edge equipment, thus delivering the best service.

Twilight Sessions - Front of House

These 60-90 minute sessions provide valuable guidance for employees on key areas of service including: dining etiquette, table settings, service styles to match the venue/occasion and fine dining.

Going for Gold

This development programme for Chefs, Front of House Staff and the Restaurant division allows staff at all levels to develop their skills and knowledge in a structured format. The course starts at Bronze, Foundation level, and progresses through to Gold for those at Trainee Manager level.

The Platinum Programme

This programme is undertaken by many of our Managers, and will influence the way in which their teams are managed and mentored. The programme addresses leadership and communications skills.

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