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Wakehurst Place

Wakehurst Place and the Millennium Seed Bank, are managed as part of the world renowned Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. A country estate of 465 acres comprising two stunning valleys, over 1 km of rock walks, award winning ornamental gardens, two beautiful nature reserves and Kew’s seed bank - the largest conservation project of its kind in the world. A Grade 1 Elizabethan mansion provides the starting point of a journey around the world in 80 minutes –discover some of the rarest trees on the planet.
Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank is the largest plant conservation project of its kind in the world. Designed as an "insurance policy" against the extinction of wild plants, the project stores seeds for future use and, together with partners worldwide, has saved seeds from over 10% of the world's wild plant species.   The seed bank is the hub of a global network that uses these plants to provide basic human needs such food security, medicines, building materials and clothing.  Seeds from the bank are also used to reintroduce threatened species back to the wild and to restore grasslands, woodlands and wetlands in the UK and overseas.

At the Seed Café and the Stables Kitchen and Stores, Ampersand provides catering designed to complement the essence and values of Wakehurst Place. Our offer centres around delicious fresh produce, sourced locally - the perfect accompaniment to the beautiful surroundings. 

The local wares we offer include Wobblegate apple juice, made from apples picked and traditionally hand pressed just 11 miles from Wakehurst, coffee roasted locally by Small Batch Coffee Company in Hove and delicious, fresh artisan bread created by Master Baker David Bunn of Fellows of Ardingly located just 1.5 miles from Wakehurst.

Ampersand invites visitors to "Eat the Seasons”; our locally sourced produce will be chosen for seasonality and transformed into delicious dishes perfectly suited to the time of year in which they are served. We will be paying homage to the partner nations of Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank with soups created from local ingredient but designed around global recipes. 

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Visitors will be able to experience minimal interruption to their day of exploring all that Wakehurst Place has to offer, without having to compromise on taste! We are planning to create a special picnic hamper scheme, as well as offering selected snacks and seasonal treats from mobile units, so that visitors can enjoy great food on the go. 

Much of Wakehurst Place is owned by the National Trust and leased to Kew.  If you are a member of the National Trust you can gain free entry to most of the property
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